Maximize Earned, Paid and Earned-From-Paid Media

MessageOptics is our award-winning tool that helps social advertising teams work smarter with a clearer understanding of what contributed to ROI over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

MessageOptics Features

Better Content

Aggregated post insights are factored into the content recommendations feature, which displays characteristics leading posts to perform well organically.

Smarter Amplification

A scoring system quickly ranks organic post performance against internal Page benchmarks, showing where paid media would spend most efficiently.

Total Transparency

The lift report feature provides the only functionality that juxtaposes organic insights and paid ads data in real time to give social ad teams a complete picture of what contributed to ROI.

Cross Platform

MessageOptics live monitors pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help social ad teams understand how content and media strategy should be treated differently from one platform to the next.


A virality curve determines which posts will drive the highest and most efficient impressions when boosted with paid media.

Sentiment Scoring

Third-party language processing identifies positive and negative comment signals and factors them into post and comment scores.

We are making the world’s most valuable brands smarter using social data. MessageOptics analytics create accurate content rankings and analyses while informing paid media allocation, unifying marketing activity in ways never before possible.

Vibhi Kant

Product Manager, MessageOptics

MessageOptics Success Stories

A Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer and Platform Partner

We have been awarded the elite distinction of being both a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (sPMD) and Twitter Marketing Platform Partner, while also developing solutions for Instagram and Pinterest.