Exercising Our Right to Vote in the Hustle and Bustle


In last year’s midterm election, an overwhelming 60 percent of Americans who are registered to vote didn’t make it out to the polls. 35 percent of individuals in this same group reported that scheduling conflicts with work or school were the main reason they couldn’t cast their vote. These alarming figures helped uncover an underlying problem in our society and ultimately made us realize that it’s our responsibility to be the change.

When it comes to our professional lives, the word “busy” has taken on a whole new meaning. The hustle and bustle of daily life across the country have allowed for much less free time to participate in impactful activities outside the realm of our work. Career dedication and determination to remain leaders in the digital space are important to us. Finding time to adhere to our responsibilities as citizens is equally as important, especially when it comes to ensuring we’re taking the time to get out and vote. That’s why this year SocialCode is taking a stance to guarantee that our employees don’t have to choose between work and civic duties. In union with ElectionDay.org in their mission to make Election Day a company holiday, our offices will be closed on the morning of November 6th so that all employees can have their voices heard.

This initiative, which we’ve coined as “Coders are Voters,” holds true to the values we embody as a company. One of those values most prominently displayed through this initiative is to empower each other. By giving ourselves the time to participate in our democracy and have our voices heard, we are making a conscious effort to empower one another. More so, by encouraging our friends and colleagues to make it to the polls, we are empowering one another. When it comes to voting these values matter more than ever because voting is not just a right, it’s a responsibility. And one that SocialCode is proud to be a part of.