Luxury Retailer Breaks Through Holiday-Shopping Clutter With Video Carousel Ads


A large retail brand wanted to motivate people to buy luxury accessories from its e-commerce property during the 2015 holiday shopping season.


SocialCode was brought in as the group’s social partner during a multi-channel activation. Always looking to push creatively, the brand’s marketing team wanted to test how effectively Facebook’s video carousel unit, which pairs a video with several link ads in the same unit, drove sales amid heavy holiday advertising competition.

  1. Activating early to appeal to eager holiday shoppers: SocialCode launched this campaign weeks before shopping peaked around Cyber Monday to take advantage of eager early shoppers before advertising costs spiked.

  2. Retargeting people expressing interest in complementary products: While this campaign aimed to sell accessories, SocialCode not only targeted people who visited accessory pages on the brand’s website, but also complementary product pages for items like bags and jewelery. Our team then added qualified scale by targeting “lookalike” audiences composed of people similar to those who converted after seeing brand ads in the past.

  3. Testing creative variations against ad units: The brand’s marketing team produced high-quality creatives featuring a male and a female model showcasing their accessories in a colorful, outdoor setting. SocialCode cycled these creatives into photo link ads, video link ads, photo-only carousel ads and video carousel ads, to optimize towards the unit driving the highest sales.


Compared to all the other units tested, the video carousel unit, which paired a 20-second video with two consecutive product shots and a “See More” call to action overlayed over the brand’s logo in a third image, was the most successful:

  • Video carousel ads drove 4x higher RoAS compared to regular carousel ads, 2x higher RoASthan link ads and 2x higher RoAS than video link ads. This result indicates the combination of engaging storytelling through video with the opportunity to buy works well with consumers on Facebook.

  • One third of revenue from this campaign, which tested more than a dozen creative variations, came from top-performing video carousel ads.

Next Steps

As a result of the campaign’s success, the brand’s marketing team built a learning agenda for video carousel as a direct-response ad unit to build a playbook of best practices for always-on sales initiatives.