5 Digital Marketing Products to Capitalize on this Holiday Season

Digital platforms like Facebook and Pinterest offer marketers a unique way to cut through the clutter of holiday advertising and reach their audience in a compelling way that drives sales. We’ve compiled a list of five products you should leverage to connect with the right consumers ahead of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the winter holidays.

1. Pinterest Search

With two billion monthly searches, Pinterest is well positioned to guide the gift-giving decisions of many Americans this winter. While people may turn to traditional search when they’re looking for a specific item, they visit Pinterest earlier in their decision-making process, searching the platform for general, open-ended categories or ideas like “presents for Dad” or “healthy Thanksgiving recipes.” That’s why it’s no surprise that 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded and 72% of Pinterest users say the platform introduced them to new brands.

To capitalize on this behavior, you should use Pinterest Search. Search Ads on Pinterest are Promoted Pins that appear after people actively type into the Pinterest search bar. To precisely target the searches you want your ads to appear on, marketers can use the following keyword match types:

  • Broad match allows you to reach people searching for a keyword and any related variations, like synonyms.

  • Phrase match allows you to reach people searching terms that contain the keyword phrase in order, as well as close variations.

  • Exact match will show your ads to only people searching for an exact keyword or a very close variation.

In an effort to ensure brand safety, Pinterest even allows you to exclude searches with negative keywords. To maximize success with Pinterest Search Ads, you should track meaningful actions across the path to purchase with the Pinterest tag and use a longer attribution window to better understand their consumer’s journey on Pinterest.

2. Facebook Collection Ads

Direct response brands should consider testing Facebook Collection, a new unit released in 2017, to drive people from inspiration through purchase in a single ad unit, similar to a digital mailer experience. Collection makes it easier for people to discover, browse and purchase your products and offerings in a visual and engaging way.

As a part of the full funnel experience, consumers who tap on your thumb-stopping creative will be brought to a Canvas ad. There they can browse more products or learn more about product features. The full-screen advantage offers an immersive ad unit that drives discovery and attention with a seamless bridge to purchase. A SocialCode retail client recently saw 36% higher return on ad spend, 14% greater cart size, and 16% lower cost-per-action when testing Collection ads compared to video link ads on Facebook.

3. Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences

With Facebook’s dynamic ads for broad audiences, brands can expand their reach beyond website visitors to efficiently scale their prospecting efforts this holiday season. Instead of creating an audience based solely on people who’ve visited, browsed or purchased items on your website, this feature allows you to target a broad audience, and Facebook’s algorithm will serve your ads to people who (based on sophisticated audience modeling) did not visit your website, but are most likely to convert on ads already used for dynamic website retargeting.

This tool is especially useful for marketers with creative challenges, as dynamic ads for broad audiences present brands with an opportunity to repurpose the existing product catalogs they already use for dynamic website retargeting.

You shouldn’t view this offering as a replacement for dynamic ads for retargeting, as the former is best deployed for prospecting and the latter for lower-funnel business goals. We also recommend testing dynamic broad audience segments against core prospecting segments (lookalikes, interests) to increase performance for new customer acquisition. Thus far, SocialCode’s retail clients are seeing up to 60% higher click-through-rates and 50% more efficient cost-per-clickswhen tapping dynamic ads for broad audiences, as opposed to static prospecting alone.

4. Facebook Offline Conversion API

Facebook’s offline conversion measurement solution allows brands to track when transactions occur in their physical retail store and other offline channels (ex: orders made over the phone) after people see or engage with the brand’s Facebook ad. By matching transaction data from customer databases or point-of-sale systems to ads reporting, brands can better understand the effectiveness of their advertising dollars.

With the offline conversion API, we’re now not only able to understand the offline impact of any campaign with the right tracking, but the combined impact of online and offline. We can then better segment audiences by separating and modeling lookalikes of online and offline shoppers, serve different kinds of creative to each, and secure data directly from a point of sale to optimize in real time.

Michael Kors recently tapped SocialCode to drive traffic to its physical stores, and then used Facebook’s offline conversions reporting to measure the impact of its Facebook ads. As a result, Kors was able to determine that Facebook drove a 31% increase in attributed in-store transactions, a 33% increase in attributed return on ad spend and 25% increase in attributed revenue.

5. SocialCode Smart Content

This holiday season, cut down on content production costs and maximize returns with SocialCode Smart Content. SocialCode tags and tests content against audiences to maximize learnings and build an invaluable feedback loop that generates real-time creative insights and informs smarter digital campaigns. We package these insights into data-informed creative briefs to fuel faster, smarter, more efficient content. Scale and testing across 100,000+ historical creative assets empowers SocialCode to tailor content solutions like videos, images and GIFs to any audience, meeting your brand’s needs at every stage of the funnel.

We index over 2,000 targeting attributes against your audience, monitor online conversation and engagement trends, and build on historical performance data to inform content creation in a cost efficient and turnkey workflow.

Looking for more tips for success this holiday season? Reach out to us at info@socialcode.com