Happy Holidays from the SocialCode Team

It has been an incredible year working with our wonderful clients and partners that share SocialCode’s value of service, and we are already looking forward to the success that 2018 will bring. ‘Tis the season for giving and thanks, and we as an organization are dedicated to doing what we can for those who have experienced hardship over the past year. For this reason, SocialCode has decided to contribute to an amazing nonprofit that is rebuilding communities in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria.

Eighty percent of Puerto Rico’s agricultural supply was destroyed by the storm, and 40 percent of the island’s 3.4 million residents continue to lack access to power. In lieu of the gifts we typically distribute during the holiday season, we will be donating to All Hands and Hearts on behalf of SocialCode’s clients and partners.

All Hands and Hearts enables volunteers to participate in disaster relief efforts in both the short and long term. They assess where the greatest resources are needed and seek out the most underserved communities to rebuild. We love All Hands and Hearts’ collaborative spirit, belief in creative problem solving, and their ability to foster long term relationships, and we try to instill these values within our own walls on a daily basis.

Jose Otero, an Associate Account Manager here at SocialCode, was personally affected by Hurricane Maria. Read his story below:

  • Hurricane Maria made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. For many of us, this is a day we will never forget. Hurricane Maria devastated the island, causing more than $95 billion dollars in damage and leaving residents without basic necessities such as water, food, and electricity. After the hurricane passed, family members and friends couldn’t even contact their loved ones on the island due to cell tower damage. The structural damage caused by the hurricane greatly affected (and continues to affect) the transportation of resources such as water and food. To make things worse, the lack of power on the island and the slow distribution of gas makes it impossible for Puerto Ricans to start work and recover.

  • I will never forget that third week of September. Before the hurricane landed, I made sure my family was safe and that they had enough supplies. Unfortunately, I lost contact with my family during the disaster and for more than a week after the Hurricane passed. One of the worst feelings is having no idea if your family is safe or in danger… fear of the unknown. Luckily, after a week, I was able to contact my family and receive the great news that everyone was safe and my home suffered only slight infrastructural damage. However, not every Puerto Rican was so lucky.

  • The biggest crisis affecting Puerto Rico right now is trying to power the island. Two months after the hurricane landed, 82 percent of the residents still had no electricity. My parents and many of my friends have been without electricity since Hurricane Irma affected the island in early September. Thousands of people lost their homes and at least 62 Puerto Ricans have been confirmed dead due to Hurricane Maria. Simply put, this is a humanitarian crisis.

  • Even with all the bad news, I am very grateful for the support that Puerto Rico has received from people, companies, and governments around the world. I feel hope when I see that others understand the situation Puerto Rico is facing. I am so lucky and grateful to work for a company that cares about giving back to the community, especially this holiday season. In conclusion, from the bottom of my heart, gracias! SocialCode.


We are so thankful to have a meaningful and impactful way to wrap up 2017 together and we look forward to continued success in the new year!