Moms May Rule, But Don’t Count Dad Out

Tracking ad spend and user behavior over Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are two holidays brands simply cannot ignore. Over 86 percent of Americans celebrate Mother’s Day, and over 77 percent celebrate Father’s Day every year. With over $38 billion spent between these two days alone annually, brands have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the celebrations. SocialCode assessed historic client spend during these two holidays take place and broke down the opportunities available to shine a light on how consumer behavior differs between celebrating moms and dads.

CPG Brands Love Parents
Although the celebrations only last a day, SocialCode clients spent over $205 million dollars during the weeks of Mother’s Day 2016 and Mother’s Day 2017. Brands with consumer packaged goods spent a whopping $83.4 million, and retail brands allotted a steep $53 million. The next three highest-spending clients fell in the financial services, alcohol, or entertainment verticals, which in total accounted for over $68 million in ad spend.

CPG and retail brands also led the way on Father’s Day, spending around $56 million and $36 million respectively. While financial services brands also shelled out for dad, telecommunications and health/beauty brands saw opportunities during Father’s Day, spending a combined $23.5 million during the weeks of Father’s Day in 2016 and 2017.

Post That Picture
A quick scroll through Instagram on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day make it obvious: everyone loves celebrating these holidays by telling the world on social media. In fact, Mother’s Day 2017 drove the most posts in a single day than any other topic did on Facebook in the preceding year. In the U.S. alone, there were over 65 million Mother’s Day-related posts, which is a speck compared to the one billion photos and videos uploaded to Facebook. While it may be natural to assume brand’s get buried in feeds during these holidays, our internal data shows that engagements actually spike on each holiday. Video view rates, post engagement rates, and video view rates nearly peak on the actually holidays in comparison to the preceding and proceeding days.  

Invest Wisely
While these holidays are be associated with celebrations, it is not cheap to drive returns. SocialCode data found that CPMs increase during Mother’s Day by 5.67 percent on average compared to non-holiday CPMs. Father’s Day is even more expensive, with CPMs coming in at 6.8 percent higher than non-holiday CPMs. While CPMs may be more expensive on Father’s Day, our brands have also seen a 28 percent increase in view content rates compared to non-holiday periods.

One area where brands agree on for both moms and dads is reaching the most qualified audiences is strategy. Both holidays have and almost identical focus on interest-based audiences and video ads. However, CRM lists and lookalike audiences are gaining traction among brands looking to reach highly qualified audiences to drive returns. And while Mother’s Day may win the head-to-head battle, it’s clear that celebrating dads is important to both families and brands. Father’s Day is just days away — don’t miss out on the opportunity!