The CMO Solution Guide: Getting the Most out of Paid Social, What Really Works

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The Secrets to Paid Social Success

Advertising on social, mobile and video platforms isn’t only effective for brands connecting with their customers and building brand relevance; it’s an opportunity to become a responsive organization that surfaces actionable insights that can be deployed throughout the marketing funnel.

The CMO Club and SocialCode surveyed 63 chief marketing officers (CMOs) to reveal how they are incorporating paid social into their marketing budgets and how they are allocating those budgets. This report includes the results of our survey and examines the challenges and benefits of paid social advertising.


  • Paid social investments are increasing – 45% of CMOs plan to increase their paid social advertising budgets next year.

  • To extract more value from paid social, CMOs are dedicating funds to it  – 92% of marketing dollars come from a “digital/online marketing budget” or “paid social budget.”


  1. Why are TV dollars being shifted to paid social budgets?

  2. How can paid social enable brands to build more engaged relationship with customers?

  3. How can paid social be deployed across the entire marketing funnel?

  4. What has paid social taught brands like Famous Footwear, La Quinta Inns & Suites, Neiman Marcus Group and Camuto Group?